Volunteer Opportunities

The BU Alumni Association needs you!  Volunteering is a great way to give back to Bloomsburg and impact current Huskies by sharing your experiences, insights and expertise. Volunteering can help you build leadership and other career or professional skills.

To submit your name to volunteer: www.bloomualumni.com/alumnivolunteer
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Alumni in the Classroom

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Fred Maue '76
"I find being an alumni volunteer enables me to pay back Bloom in a small way and ensure the same positive experience that I had will carry on for today's students."
Regional or Affinity  
Network Volunteer

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Blair Aylward '93
"Graduates are fortunate to be able to carry on the brand of Bloomsburg University. There is no downside to volunteerism. It's a role I can jump right into and make an impact."

Class Reunion Chairperson

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Dick Lloyd '62
"I volunteer on behalf of Bloomsburg University because the education I received and the people I met while there have been important to me both professionally and personally. I find my volunteer experiences to be fulfilling, and I hope I contribute in a small way to the value of the institution."
Class Reunion Committee

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Nelson Swarts '63
Volunteer of the Year 2012

"I volunteer because I'm just a hometown kid who cares a lot about Bloomsburg University."
Career Connector

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Daniel Confalone '79
"Volunteering as a career connector is a great opportunity to provide students with direct access to their chosen career in a very early stage of their education."
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