Real experience, real connections

Professional U is a four-year plan integrating the academic experience with professional experience and the alumni
network. There are a variety of opportunities for students to obtain professional experience, such as through job
shadowing or academic internships, to build a career network while pursuing a degree.

Your students have the skills and talents organizations are seeking: excellent academic preparation, strong professional skills and a solid work ethic. Employers have what your students need to compete in today's challenging job market: professional networking, job shadowing experience, academic internships and employment.
Thanks to supportive faculty, enthusiastic alumni and organizational partners, opportunities for students are expanding. Our office will work with you to ensure BU students have an educational and worthwhile workplace experience. Faculty Request for Affiliation Agreement  Professional U Activities Calendar

"Enterprise Holdings prides itself on creating a brand reputation on colleges where we continue to attract students. Our partnership with BU is one we are very proud of. We have seen amazing results through our partnership and currently have 26 alumni who are in entry level, management and executive roles within our company."

 - Erica Smith, class of 1998
Group Talent Acquisitions Manager

Bloomsburg University

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