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 Allied Services  , Allied Services , Allied Services Career Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.allied-services.org
 ARAMARK , ARAMARK, ARAMARKCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.aramark.com
 Baltimore Life Insurance , Baltimore Life Insurance, Baltimore Life InsuranceCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.Baltlife.com
 BDO USA LLP , BDO USA LLP, BDO USA LLPCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.bdo.com
 Boyer & Ritter, LLC , Boyer & Ritter, LLC, Boyer & Ritter, LLCCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.cpabr.com
 Bradford White Corporation , Bradford White Corporation, Bradford White CorporationCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.bradfordwhite.com
 City Year , City Year, City YearCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.cityyear.org
 Comcast , Comcast, ComcastCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.comcast.com
 Community Services Group , Community Services Group, Community Services GroupCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.csgonline.org
 CSIU Computer Services , CSIU Computer Services, CSIU Computer ServicesCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.csiu.org
 Delaware State Police , Delaware State Police, Delaware State PoliceCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.dsp.delaware.gov
 Diversified Technology Corp , Diversified Technology Corp, Diversified Technology CorpCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.DiversifiedTechnology.net
 Dollar Tree Distribution , Dollar Tree Distribution, Dollar Tree DistributionCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationdollartree.com
 Eastern Alliance Insurance Group , Eastern Alliance Insurance Group, Eastern Alliance Insurance GroupCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.eihi.com
 Enterprise Holdings , Enterprise Holdings, Enterprise HoldingsCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.go.enterprise.com
 Fastenal , Fastenal, FastenalCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.fastenal.com
 FDIC , FDIC, FDICCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.fdic.gov
 First Quality Enterprises , First Quality Enterprises, First Quality EnterprisesCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.firstquality.com
 Geisinger Health System , Geisinger Health System, Geisinger Health SystemCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.geisinger.org
 Genesis Systems, Inc. , Genesis Systems, Inc., Genesis Systems, Inc.Career Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.genesisinfo.com
 Hersha Hospitality Management , Hersha Hospitality Management, Hersha Hospitality ManagementCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationhttp://www.hhmhospitality.com/
 Hope Enterprises, Inc. , Hope Enterprises, Inc., Hope Enterprises, Inc.Career Connections Expo '13 Registrationheionline.org
 Huber & Associates , Huber & Associates, Huber & AssociatesCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.huberassociates.com
 Johnson and Johnson , Johnson and Johnson, Johnson and JohnsonCareer Connections Expo '13 RegistrationJNJ.com
 Kreischer Miller , Kreischer Miller, Kreischer MillerCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.kmco.com
 KYDEX, LLC , KYDEX, LLC, KYDEX, LLCCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.kydex.com
 La Salle University , La Salle University, La Salle UniversityCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.lasalle.edu/grad
 Lehigh Valley Health Network , Lehigh Valley Health Network, Lehigh Valley Health NetworkCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.lvh.org
 Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. , Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.Career Connections Expo '13 RegistrationWww.lutron.com
 Marywood University , Marywood University, Marywood UniversityCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.marywood.edu
 Mondelez , Mondelez, MondelezCareer Connections Expo '13 Registration 
 Mondelez International , Mondelez International, Mondelez InternationalCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationhttp://www.mondelezinternational.com
 Mount Nittany Medical Center , Mount Nittany Medical Center, Mount Nittany Medical CenterCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationmountnittany.org
 Northwestern Mutual - Eastern Pennsylvania , Northwestern Mutual - Eastern Pennsylvania, Northwestern Mutual - Eastern PennsylvaniaCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.nm-easternpa.com
 Office of the Budget - Off of Comptroller Operations , Office of the Budget - Off of Comptroller Operations, Office of the Budget - Off of Comptroller OperationsCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.comptrolleroperations.state.ps.us
 PA Office Inspector General , PA Office Inspector General, PA Office Inspector GeneralCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.oig.state.pa.us
 Penn State Harrisburg  , Penn State Harrisburg , Penn State Harrisburg Career Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.hbg.psu.edu
 Pennsylvania State Police , Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania State PoliceCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.psp.state.pa.us
 PepsiCo , PepsiCo, PepsiCoCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.pepsico.com
 Pinnacle Health System , Pinnacle Health System, Pinnacle Health SystemCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.pinnaclehealth.org
 PSECU , PSECU, PSECUCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.psecu.com
 Rite Aid Corporation , Rite Aid Corporation, Rite Aid CorporationCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.riteaid.com/careers
 Sherwin-Williams Company , Sherwin-Williams Company, Sherwin-Williams CompanyCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.sherwin-williams.com
 Shippensburg University , Shippensburg University, Shippensburg UniversityCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.ship.edu/graduate
 St. Luke's University Health Network , St. Luke's University Health Network, St. Luke's University Health NetworkCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationhttp://www.slhn.org
 State Civil Service Commission , State Civil Service Commission, State Civil Service CommissionCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.scsc.state.pa.us
 Susquehanna Health , Susquehanna Health, Susquehanna HealthCareer Connections Expo '13 Registration 
 Temple University , Temple University, Temple UniversityCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.temple.edu/harrisburg
 The Washington Center , The Washington Center, The Washington CenterCareer Connections Expo '13 Registrationwww.twc.edu
 Travelers Insurance , Travelers Insurance, Travelers InsuranceCareer Connections Expo '13 RegistrationTravelers.com

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